One of Our Own Joins the Global Autism Project in Kenya

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The Global Autism Project

The Global Autism Project attempts to teach staff members throughout the world, ABA principles, so children with Autism can better adapt to the world around them. There are three divisions of the Global Autism Project. The first section is International Partnerships. This is where connections are established to share ideas and strategies among various countries. The second portion is Skillcorps. Skillcorps encourages professionals to travel and share their strategies with those where resources are limited. Finally, there is Professional Training and Development. This sector provides services wherever they are requested and required.


Skillcorps is made up of a collection of volunteers. These volunteers bring their knowledge and skill sets to work with children with Autism in developing countries. The volunteers also train local clinicians to ensures that their influence is maintained long-term.

Denisha Gingles is Going to Kenya

In October 2017, one of our very own BCBA’s, Denisha, is packing her bags and heading to Kenya, Africa. Although Denisha is extremely proud of the work she does in New York, she is welcoming this opportunity with open arms. After coming across the Global Autism Project and Skillcorps, Denisha applied and was selected to be a part of  this incredible endeavor. Denisha is travelling to Kenya to share her knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis. Furthermore, Denisha will be working at Kaizora, which is a center for children with Autism in Nairobi. She will be joined by other experienced volunteers and her days will be spent training staff members and working with children with Autism. We are so proud of Denisha for undertaking this incredible and inspiring mission and we look forward to hearing all about her adventure when she returns.

Denisha says, “She is honored to be chosen,” and very much looking forward to embarking on this journey.

Now, in order for Denisha to be a part of this movement she needs to raise $5,000. All proceeds go to the Global Autism Project. The proceeds are used for expenses associated with the trip, as well as, ongoing support and training of the partner agency in Kenya.

If you would like to learn more, and donate to this amazing cause then click here!

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