Special EducationAHRC Middle / High School(718)259-4389Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationBary Ridge Prep School718.833.9090Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationBeth Jacob Day School/bais Yaakov D'rav Meir High School(718)633-6555Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationBlock Institute School(718)906-5432Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationBlue Feather Elementary(718) 834-0597Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationBrooklyn Autism Center Academy(718)554-1027Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationCatherine Laboure Special Education Program(718)449-1857Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationDiocesan of Brooklyn718-256-2605Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationHeartShare Education Center(718) 621-1614Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationHebrew Academy for Special Children718-686-5912Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationHelen Keller Services(718) 522-2122Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationJewish Center for Children with Down Syndrome718-693-9032Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationJohn M. Harrigan School(718) 330-9277Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationJOHN WAYNE ELEMENTARY718-388-0607Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationLeague School718.498.2500Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationP.S. 172 BEACON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE(718) 965-4200Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationPatrick F. Daly School(718) 330-9280Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationPS 295(718) 965-0390Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationSAMUELS MILLS SPROLE718-222-6400Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationSt. Francis School for the Deaf718-636-4573Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationThe Brooklyn New School718-923-4750Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationThe Sterling School718.625.3502Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationUCP of New York City(718) 436-7979Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationXaverian High School(718) 836-7100Brooklyn, NY
Special EducationBrooklyn School for Special Children718-946-9700Brooklyn, NY
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