Middle SchoolBrooklyn Prospect Charter School347.889.7041Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolBrownsville Collaborative Middle SchoolBrooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolEast New York Middle School Of Excellence347-471-2570Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolElijah Stroud Middle School(718) 638-3067Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolEssence School718-272-8371Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolEvergreen Middle School For Urban Exploration(718) 455-0180Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolFort Green Preparatory Academy718-254-9401Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolFrederick Douglass Academy Viii Middle School(718) 642-4305Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 136 Charles O Dewey718 840 1950Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 171 Abraham Lincoln718-647-0111Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 187 The Christa McAuliffe School718-236-3394Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 211 John Wilson(718) 251-4411Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 228 David A Boody718-375-7635Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 281 Joseph B Cavallaro(718) 996-6706Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 285 Meyer Levin(718) 451-2200Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 30 Mary White Ovington(718) 491-8440Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 303 Herbert S Eisenberg718-996-0100Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 318 Eugeno Maria De Hostos(718) 782-0589Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 347 School Of Humanities718-821-4248Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 364 Gateway(718) 642-3007Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 381718-252-0058Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 392718-498-2491Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 68 Isaac Bildersee718) 241-4800Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 96 Seth Low718-236-1344Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolIs 98 Bay Academy718-891-9005Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJ.H.S. 278 MARINE PARK718-375-3523Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJohn Ericsson Middle School 126718-782-2527Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 14 Shell Bank718-743-0220Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 162 The Willoughby718-821-4860Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 166 George Gershwin718-649-0765Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 201 The Dyker Heights718-833-9363Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 218 James P Sinnott718-647-9050Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 220 John J Pershing718-633-8200Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 223 The Montauk(718) 438-0155Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 227 Edward B Shallow718-256-8218Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 234 Arthur W Cunningham(718) 645-1334Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 259 William McKinley718-833-1000Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 291 Roland Hayes718-574-0361Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolJunior High School 292 Margaret S Douglas718-498-6562Brooklyn, NY
Middle SchoolMS 340 North Star Academy718-857-5516Brooklyn, NY
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