High SchoolAbraham Lincoln High School(718) 333-7400Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAcademy For Conservation And The Environment(718) 968-4101Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAcademy For Environmental Leadership718) 381-7100Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAcademy For Young Writers718-688-7230Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAcademy Of Hospitality And Tourism(718) 564-2580Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAcademy Of Urban Planning(718) 381-7100Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAcorn Community High School718-789-2258Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolArts And Media Preparatory Academy718-773-3908Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAspirations Diploma Plus High School(718) 498-5257Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolAutomotive High School(718) 218-9301Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBedford Academy High School(718)398-3061Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBedford Stuyvesant Preparatory High School718-622-4310Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBeginning With Children Charter School(718) 388-8847Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBelieve Northside Charter High School347.390.1273Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBenjamin Banneker Academy718-797-3702Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBoys And Girls High School718 467 1700Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Academy High School718-857-4237Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Bridge Academy(718) 968-1689Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn College Academy(718) 853-6184Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Community High School-Communication Arts & Media(718) 230-5748Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Democracy Academy917-808-4800Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Generation School718.968.4200Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn High School For Law And Technology718-919-1256Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn High School For Leadership And Community718-638-3062Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn High School Of The Arts718.855.2412Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn International High School At Waters Edge718-643-9315Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Lab School(718) 235-3592Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Latin School(718) 366-0154Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Preparatory High School718-486-2550Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Technical High School(718) 804-6400Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrooklyn Theatre Arts High School(718) 968-1072Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBrownsville Academy High School(718) 778-7305Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBushwick Leaders High School For Academic Excellence718-919-4212Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolBushwick School For Social Justice(718) 381-7100Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolCity Polytechnic High School of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology(718) 875-1473Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolClara Barton High School(718) 636-4900Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolCobble Hill School Of American Studies(718) 403-9544Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolCultural Academy For The Arts And Sciences718-968-6630Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolEast Brooklyn Community High School(718) 927-6880Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolEbc High School For Public Service-Bushwick(718) 452-3440Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolEdward R Murrow High School718-258-9283Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolEl Puente Academy For Peace And Justice(718) 387-0404Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolExpeditionary Learning School For Community Leader718-333-7700Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolFdny High School For Fire And Life Safety718-922-0389Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolFort Hamilton High School(718) 748-1537Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolFranklin Delano Roosevelt High School718-621-8800Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolFrederick Douglass Academy IV Secondary School718-574-2820Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolFreedom Academy High School(718) 694-8357Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolGreen School: An Academy For Environmental Careers718-599-1207Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolHigh School For Civil Rights(718) 922-6289Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolHigh School For Medical Professions718-290-8700Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolHigh School For Public Service-Heroes Of Tomorrow718-756-5325Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolHigh School For Service And Learning At Erasmus(718) 282-7804Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolHigh School Of Enterprise, Business & Technology(718) 387-2800Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolHigh School Of Telecommunications Arts And Technology(718) 759-3400Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolIAM (High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media)(718) 290-8760Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolInternational High School At Lafayette718-333-7860Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolInternational High School At Prospect Heights212.868.5180Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolJames Madison High School(718) 758-7200Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolJohn Dewey High School718-373-6400Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolKurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School(718)-629-1204Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolLeon M Goldstein High School For The Sciences(718) 368-8500Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolLiberation Diploma Plus718-946-6812Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolLife Academy High School For Film And Music(718)-333-7750Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolMetropolitan Corporate Academy High School718-222-6200Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolMetropolitan Diploma Plus High School718-342-6249Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolMidwood High School(718) 724-8500Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolNew Dawn Charter High School347-505-9101Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolNew Utrecht High School718-232-2500Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolOlympus Academy(718) 272-1926Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolPaul Robeson High School718-774-0300Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolPerforming Arts And Technology High School718-922-0762Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolProgress High School For Professional Careers(718) 387-0228Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolPs 371 Lillian L Rashkis718-788-7608Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolPs 373 Brooklyn Transition Center718- 782- 6800Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolPs 721 Brooklyn Occupational Training Center718-996-8199Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolPs 753 School For Career Development718-857-4646Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolRachel Carson High School For Coastal Studies718-265-0329Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolSecondary School For Journalism718 å´ 832 å´ 4201Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolSheepshead Bay High School(718) 332-2003Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolSouth Brooklyn Community High School(718) 237-8902Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolSunset Park High School(718) 840-1900Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolThe Brooklyn Academy Of Global Finance(718) 574-3126Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolTransit Tech Career And Technical Education High School(718) 647-5204Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolUrban Action Academy718-290-8720Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolUrban Assembly School For Law And Justice718-858-1160Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolUrban Assembly School of Music and Art(718) 858-0249Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolVictory Collegiate High School(718) 968-1530Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolW E B Dubois Academic High School(718) 773-7765Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolW H Maxwell Career And Technical Education High School(718) 345-9100Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolWest Brooklyn Community High School(718) 686-1444Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolWilliam E. Grady High School718-332-5000Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolWilliamsburg Charter High School718-782-9830 ext.2016Brooklyn, NY
High SchoolWilliamsburg High School for Architecture and Design718-388-1260Brooklyn, NY
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