ElementaryAcademy Of Talented Scholars(718) 621-2730Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryBrighter Choice Community School718-574-2378Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryBrooklyn Arbor Elementary School718-963-0393Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryBrooklyn Arts And Science Elementary School(718) 230-0851Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryChristopher Avenue Community School718-495-5761Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryEast New York Elementary School Of Excellence718.272.6075Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryFresh Creek School(718) 272-1843Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryGeneral D Chappie James Elementary School Of Science718-498-5276Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryMiddle School 394718-756-3164Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 1 The Bergen(718) 567-7661Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 101 The Verrazano718-372-0221Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 102 The Bayview(718) 748-7404Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 105 The Blythebourne(718) 438-3230Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 106 Edward Everett Hale(718) 574-0261Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 107 John W Kimball(718) 499-2054Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 108 Sal Abbracciamento(718) 277-7010Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 109(718) 693-3426Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 11 Purvis J Behan718-638-2661Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 110 The Monitor718-383-7600Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 114 Ryder Elementary(718) 257-4428Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 115 Daniel Mucatel School(718) 241-1000Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 123 Suydam718-821-4810Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 124 Silas B Dutcher(718) 788-0246Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 127 McKinley Park718-833-2323Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 128 Bensonhurst(718) 373-5900Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 130 The Parkside(718) 686-1940Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 132 The Conselyea School718-599-7301Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 133 William A Butler(718) 398-5320Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 139 Alexine A Fenty(718) 282-5254Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 140 Edward K. Ellington(718) 657-4760Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 145 Andrew Jackson(718) 821-4823Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 146 The Howard Beach School(718) 923-4750Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 147 Issac Remsen718-497-0326Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 156 The Waverly School of the Arts(718) 498-2811Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryPs 16 Leonard Dunkly718-782-5352Brooklyn, NY
ElementaryThe Coney Island School718-382-2760Brooklyn, NY
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