Public CharterAchievement First Brownsville Charter School347-471-2600Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterBedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School(718) 453-1001Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterBrooklyn Ascend Charter School347-464-7600Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterBrooklyn Charter School718 218 2300Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterBrooklyn Dreams Charter School718-859-8400Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterCommunity Partnership Charter School718) 399-3824Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterCommunity Roots Charter School718-858-1629Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterDr Jacqueline Peek-Davis School718-953-4569Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterEthical Community Charter School718-599-2176Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterExcellence Girls Charter School718-638-1875Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterExplore Charter School(718) 989-6730Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterHebrew Language Academy Charter School718-377-7200Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterHellenic Classical Charter School(718) 499-0957Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterHyde Leadership Charter School-Brooklyn718-495-5620Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterImagine Me Leadership Charter School(347) 985-2140Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterLa Cima Charter School(718) 443-2136Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterLeadership Preparatory Brownsville Charter School718-669-7461Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterLefferts Gardens Charter School(718) 284-1480Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterNew Hope Academy Charter School(718) 337-8303Brooklyn, NY
Public CharterPave Academy Charter School718-858-7813Brooklyn, NY
Charter Middle SchoolBedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School718-669-7460Brooklyn, NY
Charter Middle SchoolBrooklyn East Collegiate Charter School718-250-5760Brooklyn, NY
Charter Middle SchoolBrownsville Collegiate Charter School718-636-0370Brooklyn, NY
Charter Middle SchoolConey Island Preparatory Public Charter School(718) 513-6951Brooklyn, NY
Charter Middle SchoolFahari Academy Charter School(718) 218.3185Brooklyn, NY
Charter Middle SchoolInvictus Preparatory Charter School718 453-6723Brooklyn, NY
Charter SchoolUrban Dove Charter School718.783.8232Brooklyn, NY
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