Autism Therapy with ABA Services

We provide Autism Therapy and ABA services for individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. We will initially start with an over the phone consultation with a parent or primary caregiver. We will then have an experienced Behavioral Analyst see and evaluate your child at your home or within their school setting. Within Brooklyn we provide the option of performing the evaluation at our Brooklyn offices.

Once your child is determined to be in need of ABA services we will make such a recommendation to your insurance company and work to get them approved for a course of ABA treatment which includes;

  • A BCBA who will work directly with your child at home
  • A BCBA who will develop a Treatment Plan tailored to your child or young adults’ needs. This treatment plan includes a detailed behavioral plan of how to respond to your child’s behavior in the home, as well as plan for the school environment as well.
  • Having additional trained BCBA Aids work with your child at home
  • Additional time will always be set aside to provide comprehensive training and support for parents and caregivers

We pride ourselves in being a multicultural based organization. We understand that when dealing with individuals with developmental challenges, which often include speech delays, having therapists that speak your child’s primary language is particularly important. We have a broad staff pool and will always look to make sure to provide therapists that speak your language and are culturally competent as well.

About Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is used to either increase or decrease any behavior.  As a discipline, ABA providers are focused on the improvement of socially important behaviors such as speech or communication, social skills, academics, reading and adaptive living skills such as gross and fine motor skills, daily living skills like toileting, dressing, eating, personal self-care, domestic skills, and work skills.

Research supports, at a minimum, 25 hours per week of intensive behavioral intervention for young children diagnosed with autism for 12 months a year as an average. The original Lovaas studies showed that approximately half the children were able to achieve typical development with, on average, 40 hours per week over at least 2 years. There is no single study that can inform a parent of the best number for their child.  ABA should be incorporated into a family’s lifestyle by learning how to apply some techniques in the context of daily activities.

Parents play an essential and critical role in the child’s treatment plan because no one knows the child better than the parent; they provide critical and insightful information that will help guide the ABA therapists. Parents are able to continue to prompt and reinforce the child through daily activities – an important part of generalizing skills. Lastly, parents are in a position to be able to record and track ABA data in a home setting. This information is so important for finding the “why” of specific behaviors as well as for seeing what conditions encourage those behaviors to happen.
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What is a BCBA?

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a licensed professional working in the homes of our patients providing parent training and ABA aide supervision on the principles of ABA and behavior modification, and treatment planning. Some of the job functions of a BCBA are to conduct functional behavioral assessments/analyses and develop individualized treatment plans (e.g., goals, objectives, and interventions) and monitor client progress towards goals.

What is an ABA Aide?

The ABA Aide provides support according to the ABA program individual patient treatment plan and goals with specific responsibility for assisting in the supervision, care and instruction of autistic students; assisting in implementing behavior plans; monitoring student behavior; documenting activities and progress; and supporting students’ treatment plan goals as prescribed, monitored and supervised by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

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